Malignant Brain Humor

Welcome to our third 5 Minute podcast. I'm working together with the people at to take calls from anyone and everyone, a few of which will make it into my podcast feed. If you want to talk with me for five minutes about Comedy, the world, the mind or anything else that you think I'd dig, look me up, I'm @mike on sparemin (, and our chat will be posted on there and possibly on here.

Today on the show we have Dulcinea Pitagora, MA, LMSW. She's a therapist who specializes in alternative sexualities, currently pursing a PHD in Human Sexuality, and the co-organizer of the first ever AltSexNYC conference, which you can (and should) learn about here. We discuss the commonly held misconception that being into kink is caused by trauma and how that relates to the idea of the sad clown in comedy. Enjoy, and check back soon!

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