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This week the star of the PBS Idea Channel, Member of Memefactory, and musician extraordinaire Mike Rugnetta stops by the podcast to talk about technology in our time. Excellent chat, excellent mind, excellent episode. 

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@Mikerugnetta, and

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Alex Ramsey and Joe Cilio of Forever Dog productions appear on the show today to discuss wrangling a production company together, the idea of being a maker of "content," and life on the cliff-edge of college.

Go see them live at the PIT, check them out at and on Twitter @realforeverdog


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Today I discuss systemic failures whether municipal or biological with Rebecca Trent, the owner/operator of The Creek and the Cave. Check out the Creek's schedule and go see a show there today. 

Also, Rebecca and I discuss the disastrous effect of the MTA's 7 train weeekend shutdown (42% of weekends, 2014 and in years to come) on the business and shows in the LIC nightlife scene, turning a 5 minute ride into grand central into a 40 minute shuttlebus nightmare deeper into Queens just to get into the city. 

If you care about comedy, community, and making New York an ever more vibrant place, help us get a shuttlebus that runs from Grand Central through the Holland Tunnel by contacting the political entities in question. The dramatis personae are:  State Senator Michael Gianaris, Borough President Melinda Katz, State Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan, City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, VP Of Gov & Community relations Lois Tendler 

Contact them as follows: 

On Twitter, with the Hashtag #WTFMTA:



Catherine Nolan: Not on twitter. 


Lois Tendler: Not on Twitter but use @MTA

By Email:

Email State Senator Mike Gianaris via webform 

Email Melinda Katz at

Email State Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan

Email Jimmy Van Bremmer at or via Webform

Email Lois Tendler: No email but contact her on Linkedin

By phone:

State Senator Michael Gianaris

Albany 518-455-3486

District 718-728-0960

Borough President Melinda Katz

Main: (718) 286-3000 

Constituent Affairs (718) 286-2669

State Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan

Sunnyside: 718-784-3194

Ridgewood: 718-456-9492

Albany: 518-455-4851

City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer

Office: (718) 383-9566

VP Of Gov & Community relations Lois Tendler 

Office: (646) 252-2660

Whitepages Listing: 


And if they don't respond, perhaps their Wikipedia articles should be changed to reflect that: 

Michael Gianaris

Melinda Katz

Jimmy Van Bramer

Catherine Nolan

Lois Tendler at The MTA

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Ben Kronberg is an exceptional comedian who you can and or could have seen on Comedy Central (Half Hour, John Oliver), MTV, ABC and NBC.

Recently Rosanne Barr told him to go fuck himself on Last Comic Standing. So that's a thing that's happening now, in hashtag form (#GoFuckYourselfBen).

Check him out at @Benkronberg and on the iTunes and Amazon and wherever your computer lets you type in the letters B-e-n K-r-o-n-b-e-r-g.






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Myq Kaplan returns to the show today, we discuss his new netflix special Short Small, Dork and Handsome which does NOT make use of the Oxford comma (I report, you decide). 

We also discuss Myq's place in comedy, using the marvelous Jim Gaffigan as a reference point to discuss stylistic differences over time (and persona). 

Listen to a bit of Myq's new album here:

And watch it on Netflix at and now available on  iTunes and  Amazon.

Check him out at



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Featuring the Co-writers and Directors of Fort Tilden, Winner of the SXSW Grand Jury Prize.

Sarah-Violet Bliss (@SVBliss)


Charles Rogers (@GCharlesRogers)

Go see the NY premier of Fort Tilden on May 10th, tickets here:

For more information on the film, check out

Music from this episode is at

and new videos, music, and barely disguised requests for money are up at 


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MBHumor 65: Katharine Heller

The very talented and insightful Katharine Heller appears on the podcast, and we discuss all kinds of childhood trauma, the ethics of comedy and how we use humor to process or deflect and recreate ourselves over the course of our lives. Hot stuff. 

Check Katharine out at:

(My epsiode is at:

Her next Live Tell the Bartender show is May 8th at Union Hall with Wyatt Cenac and Mara Wilson.

And check out Katharine's acting work at


The episode song is called Dig, and is on soundcloud at


Thanks folks!  

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Check out the very funny Michael Shawki at  and at @michaelshawki on twitter.

And my new website at (where you can see the new St. Patty's Day video from


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The hilarious Miguel Dalmau is on the podcast today, catch him in Bloomington Illinois at the Laugh House from the 20th-22nd, if you're in Indiana, get tickets today:

And in general, check Miguel out at

and on twitter @Migueldalmau

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A Wonderful episode with musical master of melancholic comedy, Jonathan Coulton!

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This episode's song, "I Understand" is available for download at

Review on iTunes, Tweet me @Mikeblejer and generally say hi! Happy new year folks. 

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