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Comedian and Midwesterner extrodinaire Ryan Beck is on the podcast. Check him out at and twitter @iamryanbeck. Great chat, cool guy.  He also runs a monthly show at The Grisly Pear the first Saturday of each month 8PM, beginning in October. 

Episode song Lyrics

You probably work hard and you probably work long 

and Rise with the crowin' of the rooster at dawn 

Eyes clear as the water that you drink from the pond 

And believe in all them white folks that are singing folk songs

You're probably talk polite and you probably talk kind 

Trust your gut instinct and don't pay too much mind, 

And return all of your library books on time, 

And think that when we're raptured gays'll be left behind.

You probably drive a pickup truck that's covered in dust 

And live inside a barn that's just the color of rust 

And you probably own a farm and think in god we trust 

And smile at the Jews with well disguised disgust

Well Midwesterners are probably all named jed 

I probably know the racist thoughts that run through their heads 

Because I saw it on the inte rnet that they're necks are red, 

Never met a midwesterner but I got 'em all pegged

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Myq Kaplan and I imbibe hallucinogens and talk about comedy and life. Not a focused interview like regular episodes, but also a lot of fun. Check out the previous two installments of Mycology in order to get all the call backs, or don't and just assume we're being brilliant. I am ok with either of those two options. 

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After a brief computer destruction we're back with an episode of the podcast with Carlen Altman. Check her and the movie out here:

and the song is downloadable a

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Mycology (aka At Shroom Temp) is a series of minisodes I did with Myq Kaplan. I feel like the rest is self explanatory. 

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Check Zach out at

Check out Martin's Post at and

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Mark is hilarious! He's on John Oliver's NY Stand up show tonight (at 11 not 2 like I said, I don't know didly about TV).

Check him out at

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Mycology (aka At Shroom Temp) is a series of minisodes I did with Myq Kaplan. I feel like the rest is self explanatory. 

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Adam Conover is a stand-up and comedian who's worked with College Humor and Olde English. Funny guy, smart guy. He runs a weekly show at 9 on thursdays at UCBeast. Check him out at:

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Greg Barris on the podcast today. Good stuff. Just as a note, the interlude music between my intro and the podcast is something I did (each episode has it's own specific interstitial music), the song at the end is a track of Greg's new album "The Wigmaker's Son: Greatest Tits"

See Greg Live:

UCB Chelsea - July 12

Union Hall - July 21 - Heart of Darkness

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Get him to the Greek, the podcast. This week I've got Costaki Economopoulos on the podcast, man about NY and regular contributor to Bob & Tom and on Sirious (check out his football season weekly segment "Quick Snaps"). All of his stuff can be found at

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