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Pam Murphy of 30 Rock, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, ABC's Happy Endings, and Time Out NY's Best Solo Show of the Year, The C Word is on the podcast today. Super funny lady, super fun episode. Check out Pam's new Solo show "Like Me" at UCB on August 23rd, check out her other show dates demand more dates for that show if you missed it by going to her website 

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MBHumor 18: Ryan Conner

Ryan Conner (SNL's Weekend Update, Stand up all the hell over), and I discuss the nature of suffering and loss, what it's like to come from a massive family, the death of Mitch Hedberg, the Alt/Club distinction and more.  

Check out Ryan's Podcast "Caligula's Grotto," his webserieses "Brunch Cunts" and "Crucial Element" and Ryan's stand-up, all can be found at

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Emily's UCB page and the two sketches we discuss in the most length.

The TV Show we talked about

and TMBG's "Science is Real"

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Part one of my podcast with Myq Kaplan. Words! Hear me bounce back and forth between display and discourse in my indigestibly indulgent self and self-abnegating intro! Find a dictionary and tell me what I just said, or better yet, throw it at my head. 

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First episode I'm in the studio (apartment) with Nick Turner. 

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