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The hilarious Miguel Dalmau is on the podcast today, catch him in Bloomington Illinois at the Laugh House from the 20th-22nd, if you're in Indiana, get tickets today:

And in general, check Miguel out at

and on twitter @Migueldalmau

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A Wonderful episode with musical master of melancholic comedy, Jonathan Coulton!

Check him out at and on Twitter @Jonathancoulton

Check out the new episodes of the College Cooking News Feed at

And the new articles section I've put up at

This episode's song, "I Understand" is available for download at

Review on iTunes, Tweet me @Mikeblejer and generally say hi! Happy new year folks. 

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Will Carey and Kevin Froleiks are on, we discuss depression, self-image, and of course The Worst Landlord. Great episode!

Check them out at:



@Lisaromagnoli (of notion films)

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Sex drugs and rock'n'roll. Mostly drugs.


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Check out the very funny Joe List:

on Comedy Central at


On Twitter @JoeListComedy

In his new podcast coshosted with @MarkNorm, Tuesday with Stories:!/id705474769?mt=2&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

And in life around NY, Boston, and wherever people tell jokes that are funny. 

Also, check out my new College Cooking Vid at

and on my website under videos at

Links away!

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The hilarious Jeff Maurer joins me to talk about DC, NY, and being a clever curmudgeon!



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Terrible sound quality for first 30 minutes, then... slightly better. Double Release Day as penance!


Jared Logan


Jenny Jaffe


Myq Kaplan


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I talk with the hilarious Greg Warren, check him out at

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Writer on the W. Kamu Bell Show, hilarious human. Check her out at: and @aparnapkin

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Alumnus writer from College Humor and Nikki & Sara Live Jenny Jaffe comes to the podcast. 

Check her out

and on Twitter @JennyJaffe

Hilarious sketches by Jenny:

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