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Adam Newman (Letterman, Oliver's NY Stand-up Show) is on the podcast. Much goodness. Get his album, Not For Horses,

Check him out at:

and on Twitter @adam_newman


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The Very funny former Bostonian and current Los Angelan, Laura Crawford (@CrawfordComic) is on the podcast. Check'erout! 

And the Ted Talks I mentioned in the intro are at:


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Great ep with @KennethWReid. Marvel v. DC, Old Comedy v. New. Abusive Family v. Dead Family. All the classic battles of our time.

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MBHumor 51 - Scott Sharp

Scott Sharp, College Winner of The Mark Twain Award for Comedy, 26 year old manager of The Laughing Devil, and red headed comic extraordinaire. This talk is fun. Dig it.


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Alex and I talk Jewiness, the joys and pitfalls of early success, Political Correctness, British vs. American comedy and of course brains, mind and ego. Much fun, much funny.

Check him out at:

and check out his podcast at

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Part 2 of my conversation with Indian Comic Sorabh Pant. Super fun conversation, super fun guy. Check this out now so you can impress your friends soon. 

Watch him be hilarious at  

And read his awesome book The Wednesday Soul:

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Such a fun episode with Indian Comic Sorabh Pant. We discuss cross cultural comedy Algebra, Censorship, and how incredibly little I know about Hinduism. Really fun talk, tune in next week for part 2.   

Check him out at  

And read his awesome book The Wednesday Soul:

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Dave Hill: This American Life contributor, Twitter maven, King of Miami and all around Raconteur is on the show. 

Dave Hill Online:

Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident:

Tasteful Nudes:


The conversation surrounding a rape joke I mentioned on the show can be found on my facebook profile at

and if you'd like, check out my own contribution to comedy dealing with the topic of sexual violence here:


And as always, music from the episode and others can be found at: Http://

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Our first live show. Was fantastic. Featuring Ophira Eisenberg, Jermaine Fowler, Micah Sherman and the inimitable (unless cloning is perfected) Zach Sherwin. Listen now! Watch soon, if the video ever gets delivered to me in it's entirety (you know who you are, beloved videographer. Surrender your data.) 

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Hilarious Kiwi Comic TM Bishop, check her out at and at Twitter @TMBishop

Also check out the Prop 8 Gay Marriage vid I mentioned at:

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