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Great episode with Keith Alberstadt of Letterman, Red Eye, contributor to Fallon, Weekend Update, and more! Get his album and check him out at:

Episode Song downloadable at

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Absurdist comedian and Wizard Greeter Alex Koll is on the podcast this week. Check him out at and get his album, the afore alluded to "Wizard Hello!"

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This episode features:

  1. Mushrooms
  2. A discussion of having a child as a basic form of authorship
  3. Phillip K. Dick and his stolen robot
  4. A disquieting discussion of rape in comedy
  5. A Nick Turner impression
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On this ep I've got Henry Phillips, Star/Co-Writer/Composer of the critically acclaimed Punching the Clown. Check him out at and watch

Great episode. Lots of music, lots of comedy, lots of politics, some religion. 

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Mike Lawrence, hilarious comedian, 7 year McDonald's Survivor and Co-Host of the Nerd of Mouth show is on the podcast.

Check him out at and

About Mike (note: they should update his about section on his website to include his recent appearance on Conan)

Mike Lawrence is a comedian born and raised in South Florida. He began doing comedy as a way to escape the dullness of his job at the McDonald's Drive-Thru, and quickly fell in love with it. He moved to New York in 2007, where he could write about all of his miserable life experiences from a safe distance. He has since performed at the New York Comic-Con (A dream come true), was nominated for the Emerging Comic Award at the 2009 ECNY Awards, and was featured in Time Out New York. He was one of the "New Faces" at the 2010 Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. He most recently made his television debut on John Oliver's New York Stand up Show on Comedy Central.

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The phenomenal Gary Gulman is on the show, check him out at

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Micah Sherman on the podcast. Great episode, hurray! Get his and Myq Kaplan's new album, Please be Seated at or

Additionally, there is a new music video out:
Aaaand some nice reviews of it:
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Great episode with Jim McCue at the Boston Comedy Festival.

Check out the schedule and get tickets to shows this week at

Check Jim out at

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Dave Waite (Fallon, Laughing Skull Winner) on the podcast, check him out at

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Myq kaplan and I do shrooms and podcast wacky. Iz fun. 

Here's the laughspin piece I mentioned about Myq and Micah's music album: It's coming out on the 25th not the 23rd I guess, according to laughspin. Hoo-ray!

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