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Mycology (aka At Shroom Temp) is a series of minisodes I did with Myq Kaplan. I feel like the rest is self explanatory. 

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Adam Conover is a stand-up and comedian who's worked with College Humor and Olde English. Funny guy, smart guy. He runs a weekly show at 9 on thursdays at UCBeast. Check him out at:

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Greg Barris on the podcast today. Good stuff. Just as a note, the interlude music between my intro and the podcast is something I did (each episode has it's own specific interstitial music), the song at the end is a track of Greg's new album "The Wigmaker's Son: Greatest Tits"

See Greg Live:

UCB Chelsea - July 12

Union Hall - July 21 - Heart of Darkness

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Get him to the Greek, the podcast. This week I've got Costaki Economopoulos on the podcast, man about NY and regular contributor to Bob & Tom and on Sirious (check out his football season weekly segment "Quick Snaps"). All of his stuff can be found at

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On the podcast today I've got Steve Hofstetter, Comedian, club owner, Jewish Redhead and non-apologist. We talk status, networking, and growing up smart. Check him out at

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MBHumor 18: Ryan Conner

Ryan Conner (SNL's Weekend Update, Stand up all the hell over), and I discuss the nature of suffering and loss, what it's like to come from a massive family, the death of Mitch Hedberg, the Alt/Club distinction and more.  

Check out Ryan's Podcast "Caligula's Grotto," his webserieses "Brunch Cunts" and "Crucial Element" and Ryan's stand-up, all can be found at

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Check out the very funny and proudly wimpy Josh Gondelman at

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Get Jim's new album Mr. Universe at

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Hey folks. Get Jim's new album "Mr. Universe" on his website Out today

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Hey folks, got Bryson Turner on the podcast this week. Hilarious comic.

Check him out at

The post I mention is

Download the Intro:

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