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Gaby Dunn is a comedian and journalist who wrote the blog 100 Interviews ( and now writes for a bunch of folks, including a recent piece in the NY Times. You can see her at the end of this month in Boston at the Women in Comedy Festival

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Hey folks, today on the podcast I've got Ted Alexandro, the Patron Saint of Single people. We talk comedy, balance, marriage, religion and Occupy Wall St. Want to learn to be a better person? Listen to this episode. and at

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On the podcast this week:
Jermaine Fowler is a comic who's rapid and continuing success belie his age. He and I talk god, sexuality, positivity and politeness in the age of social media. Also I play with Live Looping on my podcast for the first time and it gets a little dicey (and splicey and loopy. More soon).
Check out Jermaine at
In New York At Kabin on Thursday February 9th
and in LA at the LA Laugh Factory for the MTV Showcase on February 13th 
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Andy Haynes is a good man and a damn fine comic. I recorded this podcast with him almost a year to the day after he made his debut on Jimmy Fallon. We talk about how life changes, and also a bunch of serious thoughtful stuff about masochism, abuse, and generational emotional freeze. It's fun. Check him out at:

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After a huge computer crash, a reality show and the holidays we are back with the "lost episdodes" of Malignant Brain Humor (just the episodes I recovered from the computer crash). First up is Christian Polanco pt. 2. It's a very sex and relationship laden episode. Enjoy!

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