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Christian Polanco is a comic and publishes the Offstage Podcast at This is part one of our delightful interview.Huzzah!

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Kink Camp, BDSM, The State, feelings of personal, professional and artistic inadequacy and working to overcome them. Pathos! 

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Emily's UCB page and the two sketches we discuss in the most length.

The TV Show we talked about

and TMBG's "Science is Real"

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Myq Kaplan and I finish up our conversation covering a range of topics and dropping a pool of names. Below are links to videos by some of the folks Myq and I talk about in this week's podcast. I've tried to instersperse each of my intellectual heros with a comedian so that the self-righteousness is balanced out with deflating buffoonery. 

Shane Mauss

Chris Hedges

Emo Philips

Peter Singer

Doug Stanhope:

Howard Zinn:

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Part one of my podcast with Myq Kaplan. Words! Hear me bounce back and forth between display and discourse in my indigestibly indulgent self and self-abnegating intro! Find a dictionary and tell me what I just said, or better yet, throw it at my head. 

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Glam the man, flight the flower, Moccupy Mall Street and all that jizz. Listen to me trying way too hard when I run into two other comics in the midst of the stirrings of a global anti-corporate movement.

Joining me in this episode are John Knefel (he speaks first) and later Brent Schmidt. John and his sister Molly can be heard on their own thrice weekly podcast (stop making me look bad guys), Radio Dispatch at 

We discuss the roots of the movement, talk about pretty protest girls, and interview someone who is interviewing us.

Had file corruption issues editing this so hopefully it'll go up smoothly. 

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David Cope: Hilarious comedian or prognosticator of the coming apocalypse? We discuss the end of days as well as the relationship between evolution and open mic'ing vs. the punctuated equilibrium of Youtube. Also fart jokes.

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Hey folks, in Israel and totally screwed by technology, hence the shortness of this mini-sode. I brought all my episodes on an external hard drive, but cable/wire/plug incompatibility have rendered it a highly expensive brick. Also crashed my website and almost missed my plane (which is still way better than almost missing my website and crashing my plane). Overall things are just delightful. 

Also, just to be clear, I am not a self-hating Jew. It's all the other Jews I hate. 

That was a joke. I like Jews at approximately the same rate as I like non-jews. Maybe a bit more or a bit less at times because either (A) I have a cultural context for understanding their flaws/weaknesses as idiosyncratic rather than just seeing them as weird jerks (which is how people historically have tended to see people from cultures they don't have a history with) and sometimes a bit less because (B) They remind me of the parts of myself that I hate (e.g., lactose intolerance. They remind me of that a lot). Basically it's the same way I feel about my family, so it goes.

Full Length interview with the hilarious and talented David Cope coming up when I get back to Stars & Stripesland. 

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First episode I'm in the studio (apartment) with Nick Turner. 

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