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Jono Zalay is on the podcast today. He's fed cocaine to rats, which is a lot like comedy in the 80s. Check him out at

Jono Zalay grew up in beautiful San Diego, where upon becoming a stand-up comic, he quickly grew tired of good weather and happy times. So he packed all his belongings and boarded a plane to Boston. His belongings boarded a plane to Philadelphia and were never seen again. Once adequately miserable, Jono pursued comedy while earning his PhD in Neuroscience. In 2010-11, he became a staple at comedy festivals around the country, winning all of them in the “most fun” category that he made up. Jono now lives in New York City where his unique and informed background brings a perspective to stand-up comedy unequaled by almost any PhD in Neuroscience.

Episode song:

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The very funny Mike Recine is on the show. We talk women, gender roles, manliness, feelings. Yuck! Iz gut.

Follow hiim at @Mikerecine on Twitter.

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On Today's podcast I talk with the very funny, and not at all undermining, Mike Albo. We talk commercialism, the struggle to escape oneself, and his fantastic book The Junket. 

Check him out at

and @AlboMike

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Great episode with Keith Alberstadt of Letterman, Red Eye, contributor to Fallon, Weekend Update, and more! Get his album and check him out at:

Episode Song downloadable at

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Absurdist comedian and Wizard Greeter Alex Koll is on the podcast this week. Check him out at and get his album, the afore alluded to "Wizard Hello!"

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This episode features:

  1. Mushrooms
  2. A discussion of having a child as a basic form of authorship
  3. Phillip K. Dick and his stolen robot
  4. A disquieting discussion of rape in comedy
  5. A Nick Turner impression
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On this ep I've got Henry Phillips, Star/Co-Writer/Composer of the critically acclaimed Punching the Clown. Check him out at and watch

Great episode. Lots of music, lots of comedy, lots of politics, some religion. 

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Mike Lawrence, hilarious comedian, 7 year McDonald's Survivor and Co-Host of the Nerd of Mouth show is on the podcast.

Check him out at and

About Mike (note: they should update his about section on his website to include his recent appearance on Conan)

Mike Lawrence is a comedian born and raised in South Florida. He began doing comedy as a way to escape the dullness of his job at the McDonald's Drive-Thru, and quickly fell in love with it. He moved to New York in 2007, where he could write about all of his miserable life experiences from a safe distance. He has since performed at the New York Comic-Con (A dream come true), was nominated for the Emerging Comic Award at the 2009 ECNY Awards, and was featured in Time Out New York. He was one of the "New Faces" at the 2010 Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. He most recently made his television debut on John Oliver's New York Stand up Show on Comedy Central.

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The phenomenal Gary Gulman is on the show, check him out at

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Micah Sherman on the podcast. Great episode, hurray! Get his and Myq Kaplan's new album, Please be Seated at or

Additionally, there is a new music video out:
Aaaand some nice reviews of it:
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Great episode with Jim McCue at the Boston Comedy Festival.

Check out the schedule and get tickets to shows this week at

Check Jim out at

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Dave Waite (Fallon, Laughing Skull Winner) on the podcast, check him out at

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Myq kaplan and I do shrooms and podcast wacky. Iz fun. 

Here's the laughspin piece I mentioned about Myq and Micah's music album: It's coming out on the 25th not the 23rd I guess, according to laughspin. Hoo-ray!

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Pam Murphy of 30 Rock, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, ABC's Happy Endings, and Time Out NY's Best Solo Show of the Year, The C Word is on the podcast today. Super funny lady, super fun episode. Check out Pam's new Solo show "Like Me" at UCB on August 23rd, check out her other show dates demand more dates for that show if you missed it by going to her website 

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Myq Kaplan and I imbibe hallucinogens and talk about comedy and life. Not a focused interview like regular episodes, but also a lot of fun. Check out the previous two installments of Mycology in order to get all the call backs, or don't and just assume we're being brilliant. I am ok with either of those two options. 

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After a brief computer destruction we're back with an episode of the podcast with Carlen Altman. Check her and the movie out here:

and the song is downloadable a

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Mycology (aka At Shroom Temp) is a series of minisodes I did with Myq Kaplan. I feel like the rest is self explanatory. 

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Check Zach out at

Check out Martin's Post at and

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Mark is hilarious! He's on John Oliver's NY Stand up show tonight (at 11 not 2 like I said, I don't know didly about TV).

Check him out at

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Mycology (aka At Shroom Temp) is a series of minisodes I did with Myq Kaplan. I feel like the rest is self explanatory. 

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Adam Conover is a stand-up and comedian who's worked with College Humor and Olde English. Funny guy, smart guy. He runs a weekly show at 9 on thursdays at UCBeast. Check him out at:

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Greg Barris on the podcast today. Good stuff. Just as a note, the interlude music between my intro and the podcast is something I did (each episode has it's own specific interstitial music), the song at the end is a track of Greg's new album "The Wigmaker's Son: Greatest Tits"

See Greg Live:

UCB Chelsea - July 12

Union Hall - July 21 - Heart of Darkness

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Get him to the Greek, the podcast. This week I've got Costaki Economopoulos on the podcast, man about NY and regular contributor to Bob & Tom and on Sirious (check out his football season weekly segment "Quick Snaps"). All of his stuff can be found at

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On the podcast today I've got Steve Hofstetter, Comedian, club owner, Jewish Redhead and non-apologist. We talk status, networking, and growing up smart. Check him out at

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MBHumor 18: Ryan Conner

Ryan Conner (SNL's Weekend Update, Stand up all the hell over), and I discuss the nature of suffering and loss, what it's like to come from a massive family, the death of Mitch Hedberg, the Alt/Club distinction and more.  

Check out Ryan's Podcast "Caligula's Grotto," his webserieses "Brunch Cunts" and "Crucial Element" and Ryan's stand-up, all can be found at

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Check out the very funny and proudly wimpy Josh Gondelman at

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Get Jim's new album Mr. Universe at

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Hey folks. Get Jim's new album "Mr. Universe" on his website Out today

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Hey folks, got Bryson Turner on the podcast this week. Hilarious comic.

Check him out at

The post I mention is

Download the Intro:

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Gaby Dunn is a comedian and journalist who wrote the blog 100 Interviews ( and now writes for a bunch of folks, including a recent piece in the NY Times. You can see her at the end of this month in Boston at the Women in Comedy Festival

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Hey folks, today on the podcast I've got Ted Alexandro, the Patron Saint of Single people. We talk comedy, balance, marriage, religion and Occupy Wall St. Want to learn to be a better person? Listen to this episode. and at

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On the podcast this week:
Jermaine Fowler is a comic who's rapid and continuing success belie his age. He and I talk god, sexuality, positivity and politeness in the age of social media. Also I play with Live Looping on my podcast for the first time and it gets a little dicey (and splicey and loopy. More soon).
Check out Jermaine at
In New York At Kabin on Thursday February 9th
and in LA at the LA Laugh Factory for the MTV Showcase on February 13th 
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Andy Haynes is a good man and a damn fine comic. I recorded this podcast with him almost a year to the day after he made his debut on Jimmy Fallon. We talk about how life changes, and also a bunch of serious thoughtful stuff about masochism, abuse, and generational emotional freeze. It's fun. Check him out at:

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After a huge computer crash, a reality show and the holidays we are back with the "lost episdodes" of Malignant Brain Humor (just the episodes I recovered from the computer crash). First up is Christian Polanco pt. 2. It's a very sex and relationship laden episode. Enjoy!

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