Malignant Brain Humor

Youngest Boston Comedy Fest winner and veteran of 26 years of not being dead yet Dan Boulger and I talk about jokes, deadpan vs. selling, drinking drinks, and canoes. 

Watch him on Craig Ferguson:

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Maggie Keenan-Bolger and Rachel Sullivan come on the show to discuss their theater project in female sexuality, gender politics, identity politics, and just generally chat about all our wacky naughty bits. 

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Sean Patton (Conan, Comedy Central Presents) and I discuss Obsession, Compulsion, Animal behavior, Self-Diagnosis and Racism. It's Grrrrrreacist. Which is to say, it's great and about racism, not great and racist. I know, it's confusing. 

Also, OCD looks like a few disorganized letters from the word Comedy, which is probably more annoying if you have OCD. 

Find him at:

and on twitter @mrseanpatton

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