Malignant Brain Humor

Holiest of Molies, get your rolliest of pollies to the showiest of showies!

Ahem. All that is to say, we'll be talking religion at this month's Malignant Brain Humor. Our panel features comedic voices from the religious to the non. Bring your Jewish guilt, your catholic shame or your non-denominational self-esteem and enjoy the show!

As always, if you have comedy vids that you especially like which touch on or around the subject, please post them below! I will watch them and be available to discuss them here or in person at the show.

Religiolously yours,

On the show this month we've got:

Myq Kaplan
(Conan, Letterman, Ferguson, Comedy Central, Wikipedia (

Sarah Pappalardo
(Co-founder of Reductress, Second City, IO Chicago)

TJ Young
(The Beards of Comedy, Comedy Central, MSN)

Andrew Tavin
(Awooga Comedy, Podcast Monsters, College Humor)

Also, Dominic has a degree in theology, so this could get real fuckin' real. :D

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Loved this panel. Check them out on the episode and individually.

Hey. Sometimes people say words. And then other people get angry at them. And then we fight over whether the people who got angry were wrong to get so angry or if the people who said the words were wrong to say the words. WHO'S THE REAL VICTIM HERE? WHO DO I SHOOT? (Non-Trigger warning: There will be no shootings at the show).

We'll be talking about political correctness. Is it a thing? Is it too much of a thing? Does it tarnish the good name of Politics? Is it even that correct?

The people on this show. They're phenomenal. You are going to like them and it. And I'm going to like you for coming.

These are their names.

Jordan Temple
(MTV's Decoded

Joe Zimmerman
(Conan, Comedy Central Half Hour, Universe City Podcast)

Joe Zimmerman
(Conan, Comedy Central Half Hour, Universe City Podcast)

Rae Sanni
(It's About Us Podcast, KATG)


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I sit down with Micah Sherman (High Maintanence, The Second City, Improv Asylum, iO, Annoyance Old School Sketch Show, Please Be Seated) and Dan Hirshon (Funny Cakes Comedy, Grandma’s Favorite, Miracle Workers, and Kandid Films), to talk about their new sketch album, John Rodgers: Idiot. We also talk about Donald Trump and Kanye West a lot. :D

Micah & Dan On the Web

Get the Album:


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First in our monthly live at The PIT series (next recording is on May 14th, tickets will be available here soon).

This show was a rousing success, great audience, great guests. Still figuring out how to mic everyone up and get the best audio for the recording but I think you'll enjoy this one. If you dig the show please subscribe and rate us over at iTunes!

Guests include:
Chemda Katg of Keith & The Girl (she's the girl) -
Sarah Kennedy, Albuquerque's funniest comedian who isn't in Breaking Bad. Also
Albuquerque's funniest comedian.
Jaqi Furback of official comedy, and
Rae Sanni of the The Three A-Negroes podcast.

Also, hop on over to the brand new Double X section of the website, where I've collected the interviews that I did with women over the course of the show. Super funny folks.

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Lance Weiss is a hilarious comedian and a delight to chat with. He was a Top 4 finalist in CMT’s “Next Big Comic”, and  on NBC’s “The Today Show,” MTV, Bravo, PBS, NY1, Sirius/XM,,,, NY Times, NY Post,, Comcast as well as in AT&T and Kit Kat Commercials.  He was a semi-finalist in the New York Comedy Festival’s “NY’s Funniest Standup Competition,” and has performed in the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Boston Comedy Festival, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, San Francisco Comedy Festival and a bunch more.  Earlier this year he performed my first one man show, “Wine And Questions With Weiss” at The Pit Theater in NYC.  FinalIy, he co-produces an awesome comedy show – “Gandhi, is that you?” in the lower east side of Manhattan every Wednesday night.  It was part of the NY Comedy Festival and also headlined Carolines on Broadway. It's a good show. Go see it. 


In other news, there's a live Malignant Brain Humor episode coming to the PIT on April 24th, we'll be talking about women in comedy. Come out and join in the fun! Tickets are here:

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82: Anxiety, Alcohol, Catholicism, & Jason Sáenz

Just  coming off a stint writing for Night of Too Many Stars I talk with Jason Carlos Sáenz, hilarious comedian, improviser, writer on UCB's award winning maude team Onasis. Jason was a New Face at the 2014 Just For Laughs Festival and is the mind behind #SaenzSigns, which you should definitely check out (A couple are below, go check out the rest). Check out his upcoming webseries "Foxworthy and Friends," and if you're in NY go to the premiere party this Saturday in Brooklyn at Videology.  



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In today's episode I talk to Mara Wilson about genetics, forced maturity and the lost of family, feminism, creepy creeps on the internet, love, coping with OCD, Nightvale and growing up under the shadow of Matilda. She's a joy and the whole damn episode is a joy. 

Check her out at 

Buy tickets to her live show at Union Hall, What are You Afraid Of! 

Follow her on twitter @Marawritesstuff

And catch her voice work on the beloved podcast Welcome to Nightvale.


Editor's Note: Although we do touch upon Robin Williams, this episode was recorded prior to his passing away, and therefore we do not cover that, because if we did that would be spooky and weird. If you would like to hear an episode that touches on that, check out Episode 72, recorded live at The PIT, with Ted Alexandro, Nick Turner, and Abbi Crutchfield. 

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Stand & De-Libertarianism with Andrew Heaton

Everyone knows how much I hate talking with people who have different beliefs than I do, but I really loved talking with Andrew Heaton even though he is a libertarian, and therefore evil. 

Skilled comedian, sharp thinker, talented speaker. Perhaps a bit too tall, but it's forgivable. 

Check him out at

Read his books:

On Twitter: @MightyHeaton

And on facebook at:

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